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Hakone Open-Air Masterpiece Collection

Main Gallery

The Hakone Open-Air Museum opened in 1969 as the first outdoor museum in Japan. Over the years, the museum’s collection has grown to hold over 2,000 works of art. For this latest exhibition, we have selected the best modern and contemporary sculptures from our collection to be displayed in the Main Gallery, which remains as it was on the day the museum first opened. We invite you to take this opportunity to appreciate these pieces in a tranquil atmosphere, quite distinct from their usual outdoor setting.

1st Floor
1Jean DubuffetL'Ambassade
①L’Ambulant (the peddler)
②Clochepoche (single pocket)
③Tarabiscot (groove plane)
epoxy resin, polyurethane paint
2Joan MiróSobreteixim III1973162×288tapestry
3Umberto BoccioniUnique Forms of Continuity in Space1913116×90×42bronze
4Alberto GiacomettiSilm Woman Without Arms195860×8×20bronze
2nd Floor
5Alexander ArchipenkoStanding Nude II191648×11×9.5bronze
6Morie OgiwaraMiner190746×45×31bronze
7Yuzo FujikawaMr. Bose193247×53×25bronze
8Fumio AsakuraSleep194513×37.5×35bronze
9Fumio AsakuraWinning194651×52.5×29.5bronze
10Fumio AsakuraStretch194741.5×20.5×40bronze
11Kogan TobariGlittering Jealousy192434×19×19bronze
12Cyuryo SatoStraw Hat197552×40×34bronze
13Yasutake FunakoshiBust of Setsuko196036×27×22white marble
14Julio GonzálezSeated Woman No.3circa1935–3661×24×25bronze
15Constantin BrancusiThe Kiss190827×25×16plaster
16David SmithDancers194029×15×13.5steel
17Max ErnstHead from Reliefs and Sculptures for the House in Sedona194821×14×5bronze
18Alexander CalderThe Red Pennants1970101.5×178aluminum, paint
19Amedeo ModiglianiHeadcirca1911-1272×22×29bronze
20Jacques LipchitzThe Meeting191381×57×37.5lead
21Willem de KooningCross - legged Figure197261×48×41bronze
22Giacomo BallaBallerina of Bal Tic Tac ‐ Duet1920-2267×43×8brass, chrome plated
23Giacomo BallaBallerina of Bal Tic Tac ‐ Snake Dance1920-2251×25×8brass, chrome plated
24Giacomo BallaBallerina of Bal Tic Tac ‐ Dance of Fire1920-2252×33×8brass, chrome plated
25Giacomo BallaBallerina of Bal Tic Tac ‐ Pas of Deux1920-2253×49×8brass, chrome plated
26Giacomo BallaBallerina of Bal Tic Tac ‐ Ecarte1920-2254.5×39×8brass, chrome plated
27Medardo RossoThe Concierge188335×34×23bronze
28Medardo RossoBoy in a Soup Kitchen189344×46×30bronze
29Medardo RossoSick Man in Hospital188923.5×30.4×27.9bronze
30Barbara HepworthFour Figures Waiting196862×48×49bronze
31Minami TadaKyu199939×50×38stainless steel
32Charles DespiauAssia193790×25×20bronze

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