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In the creation of a piece of sculpture, various ideas by the artist and production processes may be utilized. Sculptural pieces can be born from certain happenings or things the artist notices in everyday life. To better understand sculpture, in this studio we would like to show how hints or ideas, experiments, production processes, models, and sketches can be transformed into sculptural pieces.

From maquette to a full-sized sculpture

Henry Moore《Maquette for Carving: Points》
Before starting a large sculptural work, Moore would make some small maquettes (template models) in order to review the shape and composition. He would then enlarge those shapes so small as to fit inside the palm of his hand.

From maquette to a working model

Henry Moore《Upright Connected Forms》
Henry Moore《Upright Internal / External Form: Flower》

When making a large-scale sculpture from the same composition as a maquette, Moore would make an intermediate-sized model (working model). He would then enlarge that working model uniformly to create the final large-scale sculpture. In this work, the larger external form is protecting the smaller internal form.

From maquette to a full-sized sculpture

Arnaldo Pomodoro《Maquette of “Sphere within a Sphere”》
The polished surface of the outer sphere and the inside of the inner sphere, which seems to have been eaten away, are in stark contrast to each other. This work also seems to show advanced machine civilization threatening life on earth.

How a bronze sculpture is made

Kyoji Nagatani《Astrolabium no.1 — Space-Temporal Vibrations》
The work is made by casting which is a process of pouring molten metals into a mold where the metals solidify.

Materials, forms and space

Ryo Inoue《Our Sculpture Class:Grade 3, Division 3》Animation 1ʼ30ˮ
Ryo Inoue is a composer / producer who single-handedly creates lyrics, music, songs, animations, and production. He created this animation based on three themes for sculpture: “materials”, “forms”, and "space".

Virtual sculpture

SHIKUMI DESIGN《Transform Yourself into a Sculpture》
If you stand in front of the display, an avatar representing you in the form of a sculpture will appear in the outdoor exhibition area shown on the screen on the wall. How your sculpture looks will vary depending on the season and the weather.

List of works
ThemeHenry Moore
1898–1986, British
Homage to Michelangelo1975 Lithograph
Draped Reclining Figure1957 Bronze
From maquette to a full-sized sculptureHenry Moore
1898–1986, British
Maquette for Carving: Points1974 Bronze
From maquette to a working modelHenry Moore
1898–1986, British
Upright Connected Forms1979 Bronze
Upright Internal / External Form: Flower1951 Bronze
The artist’s studioBourne Maquette Studio
(Henry Moore Foundation, United Kingdom)
Photo panel
From a sketch to a sculptureKatsuzo Entsuba
1905–2003, Japanese
Horse and Crow1971 Pen on paper
Crow Playing with a Horse1971 Bronze
From maquette to a full-sized sculptureArnaldo Pomodoro
b.1926, Italian
Maquette of “Sphere within a Sphere”1981 Bronze
From a sketch to a sculptureAiko Miyawaki
1929–2014, Japanese
A Moment of Movement1995 Silk screen
A Moment of Movement1996 Silk screen
Processes in commissioning a factory to make a sculptureTeppei Kaneuji
b.1978, Japanese
Hard Boiled Daydream(Sculpture/Spook) #1 Maquette2018 Cardboard
How a bronze sculpture is madeKyoji Nagatani
b.1950, Japanese–
Astrolabium no.1 — Space-Temporal Vibrations2019 Bronze, stainless steel
Astrolabium no.1 — Space-Temporal Vibrations
Molds showing the working processes
Plaster, silicone rubber, wax, ceramic, bronze
Materials, forms and spaceRyo Inoue
b.1983, Japanese
Our Sculpture Class: Grade 3, Division 32015 Animation 1ʼ30ˮ
Virtual sculptureSHIKUMI DESIGN
Transform Yourself into a Sculpture2018 Web camera, computer, screen, speaker, display, projector

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